We are all busy, every body knows it. We are so busy that we eat while we’re doing other things such as watching TV, working  or even while walking and running. Are we really tasting and enjoying what we’re eating? Chances are,  we may be eating more than we realize.

We’ve eaten sometimes maybe a whole plateful without realizing just how much we were eating or really enjoying our meal.

When we are mindful of our food, we like it more, feel more filled and fulfilled, and as a result, eat less. Mindful eating is one way for us to become aware of how our food choices can support our health and well-being. By taking just a few moments before each meal and using all of your senses to explore, savor, and taste what you eat, mindful eating may help you to change your relationship with food and lead to better eating habits.

Here are some tips for mindful eating:

Tip 1: See and appreciate what you eat

Before you begin to eat food, smell and visually welcome it, noting the portion you have on your plate. When you take the first couple of bites, focus on its texture, temperature, and flavor. Understand that eating is not a task but an experience.

Tip 2: Take Deep Breaths

Close your eyes, count to four as you inhale. Then exhale while counting to four. You’ll become calmer when you think about how it feels to breathe in your nose, shoulders, and lungs. Taking deep breaths before eating can help you focus your mind on eating without being distracted.


Tip 3: Enjoy the Aroma

Take one food at a time on your plate and smell it and describe what you experience. When you take time to smell your food, it really does make eating so much better!

When you’re eating mindfully, you accept that your eating experience is unique and that there’s no right or wrong way to eat. By being more aware of your physical hunger, you’ll be able to choose to eat foods that are both satisfying and nourishing.



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