This is no surprise that not all foods are as rewarding and healthy as they claim. The food we consume has a major effect on our weight. Some foods, like eggs, coconut oil and full-fat yogurt, actually help us with the weight loss. While refined and processed products contribute to weight gain.

To completely forbid you from eating particular foods is stupid. This denying of something you really want might eventually lead to binge eating, thus weight gain. So dessert is not included on this list- it is okay to eat it SOMETIMES. But some foods really should not be consumed- especially if one is trying to lose weight.

Here is a list of 10 such foods that you can easily avoid while maintaining your weight:

                                                               1. Anything that only contains carbohydrates  
When we eat dry cereal, rice cakes or bread, carbohydrates are converted into sugars in our body and are sent into our blood stream. This results in sugar rush which encourages insulin production and absorption of sugar ASAP. This leads to low blood sugar and dissatisfaction (more hunger). To satisfy this hunger and instant need for energy, we incline towards more sugary foods.
Instead of such foods you can have snacks that contain a combination of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fat. These foods take longer to digest, thus helping us feel full for long. You can have a slice of bread with peanut butter.

2. High-fiber snack bars
Our body needs fiber to keep its digestive system churning and to feel full (even when you are cutting back on calories). What our body does not need is nearly all the fiber worth one day in one snack bar. According to a study, fiber consumption should be throughout the day to fend off hunger and improve digestion.
Instead of such snack bars, go for any fruit or veggie and you will get your dose of filling fiber.

3. Frozen meals
Food manufacturers often load sodium, a natural preservative, in frozen meals to make it last longer in the freezer. Sodium has a property of retaining water, thus bloating you up. So regardless of your weight loss, you will not feel and look good. As manufacturers try to put a meal’s worth of calories in a tiny box, every bite that you eat contains lots of calories by design. While big frozen meal portions make your brain think that your body is full, the small portions are inherently unsatisfying.

4. Juice
Fruit juices are nothing but empty calories and just another blood sugar spike. Fruit juices do not contain the fiber that fills you up, like in the case of whole fruit. All our body consumes from the fruit juice is calories without any natural fiber. The natural fruit sugar, fructose, which is responsible for the sweet taste, blunts our body’s ability to recognize when it’s full and thus makes us gain weight.
Eat fruits instead of fruit juices. Drink more water plus you can have unsweetened tea or coffee.

5. Low-fat foods
According to a research it was found that people who eat “low-fat” food tend to eat 30% more than those who eat healthy fats. In order to make food low in fat, food manufacturers remove some of the flavor and to compensate for it they add sugar, which is even worse for us.
You can have healthy fats in moderation. You can consume hummus which is made with olive oil instead of fat-free ranch.



 6. Super-size snack (cereal) packages
According to a study at Cornell University, people subconsciously eat more when they know there is more of it available. People often consume 22% more when they eat from super-size packages. The same goes for the food bought on sale as it more likely to eat more when food costs less.
Try to eat one measured serving of a good cereal instead of eating out of the bag.

7. Artificially sweetened drinks
You really need to say good bye to diet soda and any other sweet tasting drink that contains “zero calories”. Sweetened drinks can actually enhance or induce cravings for dessert.
Consume sparkling water instead. It is carbonated which makes you feel full and you will eventually eat less. It is also calorie free so yay!

8. Hard liquor/ Booze
Alcohol just does not help during weight loss. Alcohol contains empty calories that won’t fill you up and does not provide any nutrient. What can be worse? You are more likely to over eat as it softens your resolve and will eventually impair your judgement making you completely forget about your weight loss goals. Also alcohol is considered as a toxin when present in human body. So it becomes your liver’s top priority to get id of it and thus, it won’t burn fat efficiently.

9. Soy sauce
Soy sauce is low in calories but it has extremely high amount of sodium that leaves us bloated, increasing the risk of hypertension. Despite of so many options available for low-sodium soy sauce, they are not significantly lower than the regular ones.


10. Sugar free products
Most of us believe the food manufacturers with their sugar-free products. They might seem low in calories but are very dangerous for our health. Consumption of sugar-free products can raise your insulin level because of unhealthy sugar alternatives.



The worst kinds of foods during weight loss are highly processed junk foods. Being typically loaded with refined wheat, added sugar and added fats, they are your worst enemy during the weight loss regime.
Read the label and figure yourself if the food is healthy or unhealthy. Although, watch out for the misleading health claims and different names for sugar. Also remember to keep in mind the serving sizes.

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

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ISHITA LOHANI has been active in the health and nutrition field from the past five years. She has a freelance career in Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle writing. She has authored two books: “Eating healthy for life” and “Weight loss tricks: Top 10 weight loss hacks”. Having a graduate degree in food science and technology, her opinion of the lifestyle front is simple yet connectable.


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